Texaco Gift Card Balance

texaco gift certificate amount check

Visitors of Texaco branded gas stations can by himself check the balance of gift cards. To do that we recommend using one of the methods developed by the company's specialists. The methods described in the article are safe and have been repeatedly tested by many other owners.

Currently, you can check Texaco gift cards balance in one of the following ways:

  • Use the official online check tool
  • Call customer service at 1-800-352-1090 
  • Visit a nearest Texaco or Chevron branded gas station
  • Install the mobile application (for registered customers)

Texaco Gift Card Balance Checker

The easiest way to view the status of your gift card account is to check the balance by card number.

Visit at: wbiprod.storedvalue.com/WBI/lookupservlet?language=en&host=chevron

Use the electronic form where the top field is for entering the media number. Find the number on the back of the card and fill in the appropriate field.

find the number on the back of the card and fill in the appropriate field

In the bottom field of the electronic form, enter the access code. It is located next to the card number and is covered by an erasable security layer.

enter the access code

Pass the anti-bot verifycation and confirm the online check request.

pass the anti-bot verifycation and confirm the online check request

The balance will appear on the device's display, if the data was entered correctly.

The online check tool is great when you have an internet connection.

Otherwise, we recommend using one of the following check methods.

How to check Chevron and Texaco Gift Card Balance by Phone

 Call 1-800-352-1090 

 Follow the prompts of the voice assistant and enter your card information.

 After the information is processed, an automated dispatcher will tell you the balance amount.

Carefully listen to the information about gift card balance. To listen again, you must repeat the steps from the beginning.

This method is convenient to use before you visit a gas station to plan your budget and your means of payment.

Get Texaco Gift Card Balance in Store

If there is a gas station nearby, you can ask the employee directly about the balance of the gift certificate.

Ask an employee at any Chevron or Texaco branded gas station.

Provide the necessary information.

Once the information has been check processed, the employee will tell you the status of the account.

Chevron and Texaco gas stations share a common storage and processing system, so you can go to any of them for information.

How to check Texaco Gift Card Balance via App

Also, registered Chevron or Texaco fuel cardholders can install a mobile app.

This requires downloading the appropriate version of the software to your smartphone from any trusted source. A trusted source for downloading apps for Android smartphones is Google Play, and for Apple devices, the AppStore marketplace.

Download the mobile app:

Download for Android OS:


Download for IOS:


 Caution! Do not use third-party applications or online tools to check your gift certificate account status. Do not share your gift card data to outside persons other than employees of branded gas stations. Any information can be used by fraudsters and could result in the loss of your money or personal data.

 To report fraudulent activity, or to get help a technical problem, call Texaco customer service at 1-800-352-1090 


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