Fareway Gift Card Balance

To check the balance on your Fareway Market gift card, you can follow several steps. Market is a Midwest meat & grocery store chain that offers a variety of products and services to customers. Vouchers are a convenient and popular way to shop at stores.

Fareway gift cards can be purchased in-store or online through the Fareway website. They are available in different denominations, allowing you to choose the amount that suits your needs. These certificates can be used to pay for purchases at any branded store location. Vouchers make great gifts for friends, family, or colleagues who enjoy shopping at Fareway. They provide flexibility and convenience, allowing recipients to choose the groceries and other items.

There are three main ways to check balance:

  • Online checking tool
  • In-Store inquiry
  • Check via Fareway mobile App (members only)

Fareway Gift Card Balance Check Online

Visit the Fareway website https://fareway.cashstar.com/recipient-experience/balance 

Enter the gift card number, which is typically found on the back of the carrier, and PIN. Click on the "Check Balance" button to retrieve the current money amount.

enter the gift card number

which is typically found on the back of the carrier

retrieve the current money amount

Fareway Gift Card Balance Check In-Store

If you prefer to check the balance in person, you can visit nearest branded store. Approach the customer service desk or cashier and let to check balance on certificate. Provide them with the voucher, and they will assist in determining the remaining balance.

You can inquire about the balance on card by contacting their customer support service. Customer service team can assist you in checking the remaining balance on your gift certificate and provide you with the necessary information. They may provide a phone number, email address, or an online contact form for inquiries.

Fareway Gift Card Balance Check via Mobile App

Members can add a gift card as their primary virtual means of payment and check deposit status directly in app.

Download the official mobile app, enter your own phone number and come up with a password.

Download for Android OS:


Download for IOS:


After successfully registering for the system, add your food card and gift certificate as payment means.

Make the voucher an active payment mean.

After that the amount of money an the active gift card will be displayed on the main screen of application.

 Do not install money check software created by third parties — it can lead to loss of personal data and theft of your money!

Key points to know

  • Purchase: Vouchers can be purchased at any branded store. Additionally, you can buy them online through the official website and have delivered to your desired location.
  • Value: Fareway certificates are available in various denominations, such as $25, $50, $100, and more.
  • Reloadable: Gift cards are typically reloadable, which means you can add more value to them once they are depleted. This allows to continue using the same carrier for future purchases, rather than needing to buy a new one each time.
  • Expiration: Vouchers generally do not have an expiration date. However, it's always a good idea to check the terms and conditions or contact official customer service for any specific details regarding expiration or card validity.

For any question contact Fareway customer support services in your region.


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