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The system of electronic registration allows you to check the balance of gift cards of Outback Steakhouse chain without leaving your home. Most of the regular visitors have already appreciated the benefits of the loyalty program, getting discounts and pleasant bonuses. The technicians have developed several simple and safe methods to control your funds.

You can check the account status of your Outback gift card account in several ways:

  • Calling customer service at 1-888-731-2610 
  • Send an online request yourself
  • Inquiry the cashier at any Outback chain steakhouse
  • Install the official mobile app for your smartphone model

How to check outback gift card balance online

The easiest way to inquiry your deposit is to visit the official Outback steakhouse website at: wbiprod.storedvalue.com/wbir/clients/outback 

This is an online tool designed specifically to view your balance.

The interface of the tool consists of two fields. The upper field is for entering a access number of the gift card. The number is located on the back side of the gift card.

Enter a combination of digits into the upper field.


The bottom part of the electronic form is for entering the PIN code.

It can be found near to the access number. It is usually a four-digit number.

On some certificates, the pincode is covered with a special protective erasable layer. Carefully erase the layer and enter the secret combination into the corresponding field.


Pass the anti-bot verifying and confirm the request.


After the information is processed the data on the balance will be shown on the display of the device.

This method works well if you are connected to the Internet.

If you do not have internet connection we recommend you to check your gift card balance by the following methods.

Check Outback Gift Card Balance by phone Number

Dial the Outback Steakhouse Network customer service number 1-888-731-2610 

Follow the voice operator's prompts and provide the system with the necessary information.

After the information is processed, an automated assistant will tell the balance amount.

Be careful, the information is only repeated once. To listen to it again you will have to repeat the operation from the beginning.

Check Outback Steakhouse Gift Card Balance inquiry

When you visit an Outback Steakhouse, tell the cashier you want to check your card balance.

Provide the store employee with the necessary information. The cashier will send a request to a centralized system and after processing the information will tell you the remaining amount of money.

This method is considered the most reliable. However, the balance check, in this case, should be carried out well in advance.

How to check Outback Steakhouse Gift Card Balance by App

Registered customers can also make a certificate as an active payment method in the mobile app. This allows you to check the costs yourself.

This method guarantees the protection of personal data.

 Warning! Use only trusted sources to download official applications! Downloading software created by third-party developers or using online gift card check tools hosted on third-party sites may result in loss of funds and personal data.

Google Play for Android devices and AppStore for Apple smartphones are considered trusted sources for downloading branded mobile apps.

Download the mobile app:

Download for Android OS:


Download for IOS:


 To report fraudulent activity, a technical problem, or to get help, call Outback customer service phone number 1-888-731-2610 


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