Kroger Gift Card redeem

kroger gift voucher recharge

There are several ways to redeem Kroger gift cards. You can either redeem the voucher yourself online, or use the help of your nearest store. Choose any convenient method to continue shopping with your voucher.

Gift cards can be reloaded for any amount, and can also be set as your primary means of payment in Kroger's branded app. Also, the app allows you to monitor the balance of the voucher yourself.

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How to redeem a Kroger gift card?

To reload the card, use one of the following ways:

  • Redeeming a voucher online
  • At your nearest Kroger store
  • Installing the mobile app (for members only)

Each method is as secure as possible. The centralized electronic system securely stores your personal data and your money is credited to your account almost instantly.

How do I redeem a gift card online?

The voucher must be activated in order to redeem it. Visit the official website of the Kroger company at:

Login to your personal account.

If you don't have an account, go through a simple registration process.

To do this, enter your first and last name in the electronic form, and add your email address and come up with a password.

If you're a foodcard holder, enter your food card number in the appropriate field. This will allow you to control all transactions yourself.

After registration, you may need to confirm the action by email. In this case, you will receive an email from Kroger. Follow the link in the email. Don't be afraid, it is absolutely safe!

Congratulations, your personal account is now successfully registered!

Next, select the "Gift Cards" menu option.


Next, click on the "Gift Card Activation" button.


Enter your certificate's UPC-number in the upper field of the electronic form.


The bottom field is for entering the barcode-number


You can find the codes on the back side of the voucher package.

Confirm the activation procedure.


The activated certificate can be redeemed from $10 to $1000 in the appropriate section of your personal account.

Kroger gift card reload online

The second way is to visit your nearest Kroger store.

 Tell the cashier your intention to redeem the gift card.

 Give the employee the necessary data and pay the desired amount.

 The cashier will enter the necessary data into the electronic system, and you can use the redeemed gift card again.

This method is the most reliable. However, be careful not to give your Kroger gift certificate data to third parties!

Registered members can install a mobile app for self-replenishment and monitoring.

Download the Kroger official app from trusted sources:

Download for Android OS:


Download for IOS:


Add the voucher as an active payment option and manage your accounts yourself.

 Warning! Don't install apps created by third party developers for redeeming your voucher! It can lead to the theft of your personal data and loss of money!


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