King Soopers Gift Card Balance


In order to successfully check the balance of King Soopers gift card, it is necessary to get acquainted with the methods beforehand. There are several official ways to check your account balance. Each of them is safe and easy to use.

Monitor the King Soopers chain store gift card balances yourself to be sure you have enough money. All stores in the Kroger chain use similar checking methods.

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To check your King Soopers gift card, use one of the following methods:

  • Visit your nearest King Soopers branded store
  • Call customer service at 866-822-6252
  • Use the online tool
  • Download the mobile app (for members only)

How to check King Soopers Gift Card Balance online

You can use the online form to check your gift card balance. Enter the following address into your browser: 

The electronic form has two fields:

The top one is for the certificate number. It can be easily found on the back side of the King Soopers gift card near the barcode.


In the bottom field you have to enter a four-digit pin code.


If necessary, pass the anti-bot check and confirm the request.


The balance of available money can be seen on the display after successful completion of data processing.

If you have an internet connection, this is the easiest method of finding out your money amount.

King Soopers Gift Card Balance check by Phone Number

Also, you can use an alternative method. You do not need internet for this.

 Dial the King Soopers customer service phone number 866-822-6252.

 Select the "Balance Check" section, following the automated operator's prompts.

 Enter your gift card information using the keypad. On touchscreen smartphones, you must use the on-screen keyboard.

 After the information is successfully processed, the answering machine will tell you the balance amount.

 Listen carefully to the voice message. To listen again, the operation must be repeated from the beginning.

Check King Soopers Gift Card Balance in Store

 Find the nearest King Soopers brand store with the help of a locator.

 Visit the store and ask the cashier to check the account state.

 Provide the necessary gift card information.

 The store employee will tell you the status of the account after checking.

This method is considered one of the easiest and most reliable.

 Warning! Do not transfer the data of the certificate to third persons! It can cause loss of your money!

Check Card Balance through mobile App

Download the King Soopers official mobile app and select the gift voucher as your primary means of payment.

Download for Android OS:


Download for IOS:


The account state of the active card will be shown directly on the screen of your device.

Use only trusted sources to download the app! For Android smartphones the official download platform is Google Play, and for Apple devices the AppStore marketplace.

 Do not install software created by third-party developers — it can lead to the theft of your personal data and money!

 Any technical questions, as well as problems resulting from fraud will be solved by King Soopers customer service operator at 866-822-6252.


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